Automotive and Advanced Materials

Innovation especially takes where different disciplines interact. Working in a range of high impact focus areas, Bax & Company is especially well positioned to help clients identify and develop such cross-sector innovation opportunities.

Advanced materials and Design-driven Innovation

Novel materials continue to drive innovation in all product categories. Bax & Company is expert in developing R&D strategies, programme development, research to market of advanced materials, including but not limited to high-performance metals, lightweight composites and multifunctional smart materials. We combine deep knowledge on advanced materials with novel insights on using Design Driven Innovation methods as a means to translate new materials and their processing / manufacturing technologies into new and meaningful products / services.

Electric vehicles and future mobility

Bax & Company has a strong track record working with Europe’s leading car makers on organizing their R&D towards providing truly sustainable mobility, especially involving vehicle lightweighting and electricification. Recently we are connecting this long standing industry practice with our extensive network in innovative cities and regions, to help leverage innovation in electric and autonomous vehicles towards deployment in sustainable mobility solutions.

Smart Industry

Digitalisation is changing the face of European society and industry, resolving challenges and creating new synergies and opportunities. We leverage our expert knowledge of the key drivers of change in industry (Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, and 3D printing) to help our clients to lead change rather than be overtaken by it.